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Smooth, supple skin is a sign of youthfulness, but a structural protein called collagen is behind this flawless look. Collagen forms an even layer under the skin and acts as a good padding that keeps the skin taut, yet supple. Fine wrinkles start to appear as we age because of thinning of the skin and unevenness in the collagen padding underneath. It is an inevitable part of the natural aging process, but premature aging can result from excess exposure to sun, tobacco smoke, and dehydration. With proper protective measure and skin care, the aging process can be slowed down to some extent. The oils we use in this extraordinary cream have a role to play here. 

Oxidative stress is one main reason for the deterioration of the collagen layer. Almond oil contains Vitamin E, which is one of the most potent antioxidants known. It can help repair some of the damage done to the collagen layer. The oil is especially rich in proteins, and can provide the amino acids required for the formation of collagen. External application of the oil can prevent dehydration by reducing moisture loss from the skin.

Some hospitals and cancer centers in Hawaii are using Kukui nut oil to help relieve the pain of burns caused by radiation therapy. It contains a high content of omega 3, polyunsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid. The omega 3 helps reduce inflammatory processes in the skin, while the polyunsaturated fatty acids allow for moisturizing without hindering normal trans epidermal water loss, which also explains the cosmetic appeal of kukui oil, as it applies leaving behind a silkiness rather than a greasy feeling.

 Avocado oil increases the production of collagen, which helps keep the skin plump and decreases the effects of aging.

Castor oil penetrates deep into the skin, softening and hydrating it. The oil also helps to promote the production of elastin and collagen, which help to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give the skin a more youthful appearance.

Users of this cream report smoother, softer more even skin tone with decreased pore sizes. Also helps with Acne, dry skin, eczema and perfect for sensitive skin. Can be used on aging skin and safe enough even for the youngest members of the family.

*Many of the ingredients in the face cream have a natural SPF. Because this product has not been evaluated by a regulatory agency, I do not have a precise SPF number so it is recommended to use this face cream with additional sun factor if you desire extra protection* 

INGREDIENTS: avocado oil, kukui oil, almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax, aloe vera, rose water, argan oil, rose hip oil, carrot seed oil, E.O. of lavender and frankincense.

STORAGE & USE: Keep your face cream in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Preferably store under 75 degrees. Use a clean spoon or stick to scoop contents jar or with clean hands to prevent the growth of bacteria. If you notice the cream is starting to change consistency or smell, this may mean a bacterium has been introduced either by dirty hands or other means and simply start using a clean instrument and store in the fridge. Storing in the fridge at any time will always prolong the shelf life. Normal shelf life is six months out of the fridge.